Biofeedback has been used clinically by physicians, physical therapists, psychotherapists and biofeedback therapists for over 40 years. It has proven effective in the treatment of anxiety, anxiety related disorders as well as for stress management. In the last 6 years, biofeedback equipment has been built for home use. Now anyone interested in using biofeedback at home to learn how to relax better has access to low cost equipment. Most biofeedback equipment for home use gives direct feedback on one or more physiological responses, such as heart rate or finger temperature or skin conductance or muscle tension. There, however, a class of biofeedback equipment that can be classified as biofeedback games.

In a biofeedback game, there is often a combination of hardware (for monitoring physiology) and software (for connecting to the computer). What makes biofeedback games unique is that the developers of these games create a computerized world similar to any other computer game, complete with virtual personas that are capable of action in artificially created worlds, that connect to biofeedback equipment. Then, the signal generated by the biofeedback equipment  becomes a variable in the game. In other words, the game moves beyond being manipulated by a joystick so that the physiological response of the player determines at least part of the action of the game and contributes to determining the abilities of the virtual persona.

The best biofeedback games we have seen are created by the Wild Divine Corporation. The first game released was the  Journey to Wild Divine, The Passage which was followed by the Wisdom Quest .

Recently the Wild Divine Corporation has released Healing Rhythms which has all the same stunning graphics as the first two games but actually goes beyond being a game and is actually an interactive laboratory for learning relaxation techniques. many therapists use Healing Rhythms by Wild Divine in their practices to teach effective generalized relaxation techniques.

While not technically a game in the same category, the Resperate device deserves to be mentioned. It is a stand alone biofeedback device that plays music and teaches an advanced breathing technique that improves stress management skills and lowers blood pressure. While the Resperate does not offer a computer connection or stunning computer graphics, it is certainly fun and informative while teaching good relaxation skills.