Establishing an Open Relationship with Your Child

There are ways of knowing what your child is doing without spying an being strict about what they can and cannot do. Be in conversation with them about what they are listening to, what shows they like to watch, books they like to read. You can share why it is that you don't like something that they are interested, because if the dangers, or negativity it may bring to them. Also when they have their friends over, get to know them too, your child probably spends a lot of time with them. When your child finds that you share an interest in their life at an early age, they will be more likely to share their life with you when they get older. They will also be more open to receiving your suggestions and advice as well.

Living Longer

TED Talk is a really cool site that has videos from only those who are invited to speak about particular topics. I found one about how to live longer and the myths about longevity. Science tells us that the capacity of the human body is about 90 years although life expectancy is about 78 years. What we really need to do is look at other cultures where the life expectancy is high. Other things to consider is the way you live your life, the foods you eat , the people you connect with, and the attitude you have, Check out the video on how to live longer it's a bit long, but well worth it.

Fight Child Obesity

There are several ways you can keep your kids fit, healthy and slim just by changing some of the ways you shop and changing the food you eat. Be more conscious when grocery shopping staying away from process foods, sugary sodas and high-fat foods. For snacks try using fresh carrots and cucumbers, or nuts and dried fruits. You can make your own sodas at home using sparkling water and fresh juice. Substitute red meat with low-fat turkey or even veggie options like tempeh or tofu.  A good thing you can do is grocery shop alone so that you are in charge and can be sure no junk food gets into the basket. Also packing your child's lunch can assure you they are getting the nutrition they need without all of the sugar and fat.

Bacon a New Brain Food?

I've been reading articles about bacon being a possible brain food for developing fetuses helping to grow the regions of the brain associated with memory. Bacon as well as pork, and eggs are rich in choline which look to create new brain cells. In the studies that have been done pregnant mice were given different diets during the time that the fetus develops it hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory. Those that did not have the choline had marks on the proteins that wrap the genes responsible for creating new brain cells. I wouldn't say that we can call bacon healthy, but it may be helpful in this arena.

Dad's Day on Baby Duty

For many moms it can be hard to leave their child, but they need the time and dads need the experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make dad's day go smoothly and not make mom worry. You don't all that much, but be sure you have a bag that can carry all of the essentials; diapers, snacks, a beverage and toys to entertain while you're out. It's a good idea to have a camera on hand for those special moments you want to remember. A booster seat is a good thing to have if you'll be eating out or even eating at a friend's where an extra seat boost is needed for your child.  Most of all have your cell phone available for when you have questions or for when mom might want to check in!

Teens Will Make the Rules if You Don't

It can be hard when your children reach the teenage years to set rules that they will follow. They need to understand that just because they are not young children anymore doesn't mean they don't have to follow the rules that you set. It's a good idea to set a bed time so they get enough rest for the next day ahead. They are old enough now that they want to go out with their friends, that's fine, just be sure to agree on a curfew and how many times a week it's ok for them to go out. They should contribute to the household chores, giving them regular jobs to do every week is important not only to keep the house clean but to prepare them for when they are on their own in the world. These are just a few important rules to have out of many that you may want to include.

Exercise May Help With Alzheimer's

There have been recent studies that regular exercise keeps the brain sharp and are less likely to have a decline in their brain function. Just exercising 30-60 minutes several times a week can keep your thinking, learning and reasoning skills up to par. Your cognitive function will also improve. Chemicals that protect the brain and aid in the development of  new brain cells are also improved by the blood flow that exercise creates. DO your best to schedule in regular exercise every week to maintain not only a fit body, but a fit mind as well.

There Can be a Downside to Exercise

Exercise is crucial to living a healthy life and a great way to reduce stress. You really need to be aware of your form with the exercise that you do, taking care that you don't overdo it and become exhausted. Many athletes and people who exercise frequently can take it too far pushing themselves so hard that they can actually be doing damage to their bodies. Exercise creates stress on the body, if you do it too much or do it when you're tense the body make not be able to bounce back easily. Know your limits when you workout or participate in strenuous activities to be sure you're not adding unecessary stress to your body.

Does TV Increase Aggression in Toddlers?

This isn't a new topic by any means but I keep seeing articles talking about how TV is a bad influence on young children. Of course I do believe that toddler who sees violence on TV is bound to have some sort of aggression I do not think that all TV is bad. There are so many factors to consider, like what kinds of shows the parents are letting their kids watch and for how long. I think that an hour of TV of an educational program or just a fun cartoon is not going to be detrimental to their behavior. If parents monitor what their kids are watching and even watch with them to keep them engaged and not totally passive it's not going to do them harm.

Asking Your Kids for Feedback

Parents will butt heads with their children at some time or another. if you find that it's becoming a regular thing maybe ask them how you are doing as a parent. You may find some really good insights into the issues they face are things that they have trouble with. You may find that they are simple things that you can easily do something about and maybe you'll even find some things you had no idea they were thinking or feeling. Check out the simple father for some sample questions.
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