Biofeedback Can Help Resolve Chronic Health Problems

There are many functional health problems that just don’t respond well to medications and for these biofeedback is often the treatment of choice. Using biofeedback equipment designed for home use enables anyone to deal effectively with problems like high blood pressure, chronic headaches, reduce stress and increase mental focus at home.

In addition, biofeedback equipment used at home can increase the effectiveness of ongoing treatment in your doctor's office.

Biofeedback for Home Use

It is not surprising that while we have seen a revolution in home electronics that there has also been a revolution in the development of home biofeedback equipment. Now, instead of having to find a biofeedback therapist we can purchase inexpensive biofeedback equipment designed for the average person to use in the privacy of their own home. This equipment includes  the Resperate, which has been FDA cleared for reducing hypertension and stress management.
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