Lowering Soda Intake May Lower Blood Pressure

  • By: Tom
  • On: 06/21/2010 15:24:16
  • In: Health
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The Journal of the American Heart Association recently published an article about the consumption of sugar-sweetned beverages affect on blood pressure. Drinking just one less sugar-sweetened beverage a day showed a drop in blood pressure among 800 adults who had elevated blood pressure. However researchers do not believe this proves that these beverages cause high blood pressure and believe further research is needed. Beverages in sugar like soda have already been linked with the risk of obesity and diabetes which both can cause high blood pressure. American adults consume an average of about 28 ounces of sugar-sweetened beverages per day. This includes drinks sweetened with sugar and  high fructose corn syrup. If Americans cut out just one soda they could really decrease their risk of high blood pressure.


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