Bribing, Yelling, Grounding Your Teen?

Suddenly it seems, that sweet boy who thought it was fun to tag along when you went to the grocery store is no longer interested. Your daughter who once cooperated, now seems to speak rudely. Spending time with family was fun but now you teen only wants to spend time with friends. What is happening? That parenting teenagers is difficult has a lot of agreement out there. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

The teenage years do not have to be full of rebellion when they are still living at home and relief when they move out, get a job or go to college. This can be a time when you can enjoy your teen's growing independence and ability to make good choices. But often a little help can go a long way in making the transition from child to adult. When you take online parenting classes specifically geared toward enhancing your relationship with your teen, it can change the atmosphere in your household from hell to heaven.

It can be hard for parents who have been intimately involved with their child from infancy to find themselves using parenting styles that do not seem to work with their teenager. Controlling or authoritarian parenting may have worked in the past but now your teen is rebelling against the lack of input she has into rules and expectations.

Or, if you tend to have a permissive or giving in parenting style, you can find yourself feeling out of control and have your teens running the show instead of you. You may feel your teen is out of control, you are worried but unclear how to get things back on track. Sometimes, you need help managing your stress effectively.

It is not too late to improve your relationship with your teenager. End the power struggles the lack of responsibility or respect for you and others. Perhaps you could use a parenting teenagers tuneup class. Look and see what is not working and make some changes before your teen leaves home and faces a world that will not bend to his expectations and demands.

What is needed now is a parenting style that is more democratic, with clear expectations and consequences that are enforced. It is time to step back and let your teen have limited choices and experience the results of those choices. It is time to understand who owns the problem you or your teen and how to discipline without grounding, bribing or yelling.

Parenting strategies for parenting teenagers must include the teen thoughts and ideas. Establishing communication where you listen to your teenager without giving advice, create a set of rules that you both can agree on will go a long way in creating an atmosphere of respect where your teen can grow into a responsible loving adult.