Teaching Balance and Motor Skills to Kids!

Recently, on a trip to the Netherlands, I had the opportunity to go to Aachen Germany. It is a beautiful city. We were there on market day and it was very interesting to see the produce and crafts available in the local area.

On that same trip, we went to Amsterdam. A gorgeous city that is full of bicycles. There are as many bikes as residents and they are everywhere. There are even parking garages with several floors all for bikes.

One of the most interesting bikes were the ones that parents used to transport their children. There is a front box or seating area between the front handle bars and the front wheel that can accommodate 4 small children. You also see very young children being guided on bikes to train them for riding in the city. I was very interested in how young the children were and how skilled they were.

After doing some research, I found a bike that was designed in the town of Aachen, by a dad to help his children become confident  and skilled enough to ride a traditional pedal bike.

If you have ever, taught a youngster to ride a two-wheel bike, you know how traumatic this can be for the child learn to balance and pedal at the same time. Some parents use training wheels as an interim step, but that tends to go on for a long time.

This bike designed in Germany has no pedals. Children as young as 2 straddle the bike and push off with their feet. It doesn’t take long before children are lifting their feet off the ground and balancing the bike as they glide. Once a child has this kind of balance, graduating to a traditional pedal bike is easy and training wheels are not necessary.

These bikes from LIKEaBIKE come in several models and are beautifully designed and are durable enough for the most active child.

These toy bikes are high quality and unique. Sure to be a head-turner in your neighborhood. You will enjoy seeing your child grow in skills and confidence as she maneuvers her bike effortlessly  and with great fun.