Online Parenting Classes for Stressless Parenting

Educating yourself to become a better parenting is a wonderful investment in your children and family. Online parenting classes make it easier than ever to learn the skills you need to raise happy, responsible and cooperative children that are a pleasure to be around. Today more than ever, busy moms and dads can benefit from some parent training to make their job easier and more effective.

Parenting like all skills takes practice and knowledge. If you are having behavior problems with your children, look no further than you parenting style. There is a lot parenting information available, too much actually. It is very hard to either sift through all the books to find the right one for you or worse feel like you must read every parenting book out there to learn how to be a good parent.

There are tons of books that focus on the spirited child, the adhd child, the child of divorce, the child doing poorly in school, etc. But, wouldn’t it be great to find a parenting style that at its core could give you the tools to deal with any situation or misbehavior that could arise in raising children? A system of parenting that was based on common sense, was respectful to both parent and child and did not rely on punishment to elicit good behavior.

Luckily, there is such a parenting approach. It was first written about in Children the Challenge by Dinkmeyer. It outlined a democratic approach to raising children that was practical, result oriented and could be applied to all ages of children. This “bible” for raising children was then simplified in the Systematic Training for Effective Parenting or STEP books. These books applied the core principles of STEP to different age groups, So, when you start with your young children and learn this parenting approach you find the same principles apply as your child gets older.

There is no need to look for new information for every problem that arises. Temper tantrums, homework issues and ignoring curfews are all manageable with one parenting system. What a relief. If you start early using this parenting style you are equipped to deal with anything.

If you happen upon the STEP approach when your children are older, you can undo mistakes and make changes that produce positive results. It is never too late to apply the principles of STEP.

Using the STEP approach to parenting young children, school age children and teenagers results in what I call Stressless Parenting. It means that you as a parent have the knowledge and the skills to deal effectively with whatever child rearing issues come your way. You trade feeling helpless, out of control, frustrated and anxious with feeling confident and powerful. You will spend less time stress out about what to do with your misbehaving children and more time enjoying them.