Respectful and Effective Parenting Class for Children ages 6-12

Your child is growing and changing. She is in school now and you might be seeing behavior changes that are new. And, you may be finding that the parenting style you have been using just doesn’t seem as effective anymore. Perhaps you find yourself yelling more, feeling more stressed and it is all just too much. Managing your stress as a parent is important if you are going to be effective and appropriate with attention and discipline. Certainly, finding better stress management techniques can help. But, you may find yourself in need of new parenting techniques and strategies as well.

There are new challenges in parenting school age children. You might see some negative effects of outside influences because you child spends several hours a day among teachers and other children. Sometimes what your children see and hear with friends can create problems at home. And, there are new issues around homework, chores and behavior in general that may need your attention and could benefit from some new parenting skills.

Educate yourself by taking an online parenting school age children class can be a big help for those with busy schedules who want to increase their knowledge about parenting. Learning a parenting style that is effective, easy to implement and that makes sense can make your parenting job easier and have a real positive affect on your children whether you are experiencing particular problems or not. But, taking parenting classes for children with behavioral problems can be a life saver.

Learning a democratic and respectful way to parent your children can eliminate spanking, grounding and yelling. It uses natural and logical consequences as opposed to punishment and reward. It teaches children to be responsible for their actions and learn to make good choices when you let them experience the results of what they choose.

Imagine children who get up and dressed for school without having to nag them. Think about the pleasure of watching your child take care of homework and chores without screaming matches. How about how nice it would be for you to have more personal time for yourself and more quality time with your children.

A parenting style based on the psychology of Alfred Adler and put into easy to understand and implement parenting books like STEP, Systematic Training for Effective Parenting series make it easy to learn effective parenting strategies.