Product Reviews - Stress Management

It seems like we all experience more and more pressure from stressful events in our personal lives as well as from larger events over which it seems like we have little control. The revolution in personal electronics over the last 20 years has led to several quite innovative products that can be used at home or on the go.

The emWave PSR is a beautifully designed, small hand held device that monitors the pulse rhythm and determines how relaxed you are. This information is fed back by color changes in a light indicator, changes in color signal shifts in physiological state from stressed/tensed to relaxed. The emWave PSR is highly portable which allows it to be used while on the go, it fits easily in a purse or pocket.

Similar to the emWave PSR the StressEraser also monitors the pulse rate to determine the level of physiologic relaxation. The StressEraser differs from the emWave PSR by emphasizing day long relaxation. With the Stress Eraser the goal is to accumulate points off and on during the day and the higher the level of points the easier it will be to sleep at night. The Stress Eraser has a screen that displays the relationship of the breath to the pulse wave and prompts about when to breathe. It is also very portable and can easily be used away from home.

The Rhythm Touch is a portable muscle massager that helps to block muscle and nerve pain while promoting muscular healing. It uses a small electrical pulse delivered to the body through small pads like band aids on the surface of the skin. It is quite useful for people with chronic pain problems or weekend warriors.

Winning Over Stress is an online class that, over the course of 8 weeks, teaches how to identify stressors in all areas of life and offers guidance on how to create alternative plans.

The Verilux Rise & Shine Natural Alarm clock is a great way to wake up refresh and ready to start your day. It can help with reducing your stress throughout the day. Instead of a loud buzzing alarm, this clock simulates the rising of the sun, gradually getting brighter. When it's time to go to sleep it reverses the function slowly dimming the light, telling the brain that's it's time for sleeping. This lamp has 7 different light hues and also has different sound functions. It is a great mood enhancer and will help with waking and falling asleep.

Just like adults, children can suffer from stress. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the signs. The Kiddie QR: A Choice for Children & Families is a great resource to help children control their emotional physical symptoms of stress. It does not involve medication so there are no side effects. They can do the exercises alone or with family or in a classroom. This program allows children to be more aware of their body and their emotions and learn the skills to gain healthy control over them.

These stress management products take different approaches to stress management  which is helpful since stress is not only ubiquitous it is also experienced in different ways by everyone.