Pelvic Floor Educator
Educator™ Pelvic Floor Indicator

Note: This personal care item is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
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The revolutionary Educatior™ Pelvic Floor Indicator allows you to learn correct pelvic floor contractions, almost instantly minimizing the frustration of knowing if they are being done correctly.

The Educator has a shape similar to a Q-tip. It has been created in that shape to guide you in positioning it correctly and securely. When you contract your pelvic floor muscles, it provides you with visual feedback by moving downward letting you know you are performing the exercises correctly. Lady Care Vaginal Weights on the other hand, use graduated weights that insert into the vagina to increase the strength of your pelvic floor muscles.

The Educator is the simplest form of biofeedback, using no electronic instrumentation and having no power requirements. It is simple to use and effective for those who do not want to deal with more complex devices. To ensure results, you just need to use it!

• Simple and easy to use
• Provides valuable and effective information on pelvic floor musculature
• External indicator amplifies muscle contraction by up to a factor of 5
• Unique form allows for a consistent and easily repeatable fit
• Identifies muscle groups as well as pelvic floor asymmetry

For muscle retraining of pelvic floor muscles see the U-Control Home Continence Trainer or Review other incontinence products.