KiddieQR: A Stress Management System for Children



Stress and Children

Yes, even children can suffer from the effects of stress. But, in children, sometimes it is difficult to know whether you are observing misbehavior or the signs of stress. Children cannot articulate what is bothering them so their behavior is key. Kiddie QR is a 6 second technique which allows children to cope better with stress and because there are no drugs involved it has no negative side effects.

This creative and fun experiential stress management program was developed by Elizabeth Stroebel, PhD (University of London), internationally recognized for her innovative work in stress management and biofeedback with children and adolescents. It was designed for children ages 3 plus through 9.

Life long Benefits for Children

Kiddie QR can teach children the skills to gain healthy control over their thoughts, emotions, feelings and physical responses to distress. Learning better stress coping skills carries over into other interactions with family, peers and in areas of school performance and an enhanced sense of self-esteem.

• Kiddie QR is easy and safe for children to do alone
• No negative side effects
• Respectful and does not conflict with cultural beliefs
• Can be implemented at anytime, anywhere and anyplace
• Access learned skills when needed and can be done unobserved
• Techniques can be done in a group like with the family, classmates or peers
• Eliminate stress related problems and as an intervention with emotional or physical illness
• Appropriate adjunct to other therapeutic interventions

What Do Children Learn?

Prevention and healing. With eyes open, children learn the six-second QR Reflex by meeting My Friend QR and the 16 Healthy Body Friends. These little Body Friends are fun and safe metaphors for healthy body machinery that reinforce an important life skill of stress prevention and healing. My Friend QR becomes the guiding coach with each companion Body Friend on the CDs.

These 16 Elements build upon the awareness of the cues and clues of physical distress and show how to reverse the discomfort.

Children learn to have a feeling of emotional and physical control using the KQR exercises as they:

• Regulate shallow or rapid breathing
• Quiet the racing sensations in the heart and chest
• Reduce unnecessary prolonged muscle tension and bracing in the body
• Increase blood flow to the hands and feet, which induces warmth
• Relax tension in the face, neck, and related muscles
• Increase sensations of deep relaxation and Interrupt hyper-vigilant patterns
• Regulate sleep patterns
• Create an alert mind and calm body

Distress in kids
Physical Symptoms

• Stomach upset
• Cramping
• Tension Headache
• Sleep problems
• Shallow rapid breathing
• Cold hands feet
• Tightened body posture
• Inappropriate and continuous muscle tension
• Heart palpitations
• Chest tightness
• Trembling or shivering
• Twitching
• Nausea
• Fatigue and general weakness
• Anxious feelings and behaviors

Behavior Effects

• Aggressiveness
• Social withdrawal
• Isolation
• Phobia
• Shyness
• Dependency and over protection
• School refusal
• Impaired emotional control
• Rejection and negativity
• Panic and anxious states
• Depressive symptoms
• Constant vigilance
• Emotional outburst
• Inability to problem solve
• Low selfesteem

Kiddie QR includes:

• 2 audio CDs - 16 stories with visualization exercises.
• Guided imagery of 4 to 8 minutes showing the KQR Body Friends, as a shared game for visual reinforcement.
• 5 booklets including a 50 page adult guide booklet to use at home, in the classroom or for clinical use.
• 4 booklets containing specific information for adults about objectives, physiological considerations and teaching suggestions.
• Transcripts of the 16 Elements which are on the audio CDs.

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Author: Phyllis Grannis