I have used this parenting approach in my private practice since 1991 and in our online parenting classes for over 10 years. These are some of the comments parents have made after taking a rapid online class and after working with me in the 8 week classes.

"I liked that the class gave a deadline but still allowed me to work at my own pace. I found the information very beneficial and it helped me strive to be the best parent I can be." - R.B.

"I really appreciate the convenience of taking these classes online, and I actually enjoyed reading the lessons on Parenting Young Children. Thank you!"-D.K.

"I would like to say thank you so very much in giving me this opportunity to positively give back to my children but also to myself the quality of being a respectful and effective parent. I would like to also especially thank Phyllis for being their for me on line for feedback and the other participants that I've learned from so very much. I feel that this is the begining for me and I'm well on my way in becoming a better parent." - Tonya Williams

"I think EVERYONE should take a parenting class whether it is required by a court or not. This class has taught me so many things I have never thought of before. I will continue to re-read the book and purchase other books to help me become a better parent for my children. I hope that everyone takes this class serious. Thanks Phyllis!"–David Diaz, CA

"I just wanted to say that when I first started these classes I just wanted to do the work and get my certificate and be done. However, I cannot believe how much I am learning and getting out of these classes. I am taking all three classes to complete a court ordered 22 hours of parenting classes. These classes are truly helping me and my children. I just wanted to say thanks - Kelly Trimmings, AZ

"...The concepts were totally new to me especially considering my own up-bringing. The suggestions made a lot of sense, had my own parents used some of these techniques with me instead of cramming their ideas as to how my life 'should be' down my throat, I probably wouldn't have been such a rebel. I see a lot of me in my kids and could have kicked myself in the pants. Why did I expect them to react any differently than I did when parented the way I was parenting them? Quite frankly I had BAD role models for parenting and their applied practices didn't work any better for my kids than they did for me. I REALLY have seen a difference using the skills your book has taught me. I can enjoy my teens instead of fighting with them and being miserable." - Roberta Brady, South Carolina

"Thank you so much; the material you provide is so valuable. I have seen such marvelous results with my daughter in the past few months. The parenting class really helped me learn the skills I want to become a better parent for my daughter." - Ava Tchitsa

"Being in the training industry myself, I just wanted to let you know that the book was very helpful and validated a lot of the 'common sense' behavior all divorcing parents should exercise. I have been separated for 3 years now and just recently filled the divorce papers. The book was easy to read and understand. I appreciated the self-pace approach and the easy access to the certificate. It took the unnecessary stress of having to 'sit' in a classroom with other people (this format fit my learning style)"- Joyce Davis, WA

"The Classes I took were a great wealth of information and I learned a great deal and they also confirmed some of my beliefs as far as how to raise a child. Also I found nothing in the courses that were in any way a direct conflict to my beliefs on how I would like to raise and teach my daughter. Thank You to all involved for making these courses available and for all the work involved. I live in a very secluded rural farming community and if these courses were not available online I would not of been able to gain the knowledge and opportunity they offered to me. And last but in no way least MY DAUGHTER thanks you also !!!!" - Patrick Horton, CO

"WOW! What an experience. I had no idea that doing an online class would have such a hands on effect in my life. The class was very informative and I feel that it instantly made a difference in our lives. The discussion board is also a wonderful tool. I feel like I have met you personally and that you`re there to respond and give feedback immediately. This class is effective and highly recommended. Thank You so much! " - Angela Washington, CA

"I initially did not want to take this course because I felt I had read enough and did not need ANY more parenting advice. We have used many strategies presented in this book and have noticed a change in all of our behaviors. I am an avid fan of giving choices and observing how smoothly things run when our son is given choices for that alone I say thank you. I have referred the book and the online course to friends and the Social Worker at the agency from which we are adopting our child." - Joy, Washington DC