How Does It Work?

Online parenting classes are certainly helpful but nothing can compare to working together in person, face to face. As in any worthwhile endeavor, havng a coach can be an empowering asset. A coach is on your side helping capitalize on your strengths and working through the challenges that are inherent in parenting.

My goal is to ease the stress of parenting and enhance the joy. Adler's approach provides you with 'grease for the tube'. Many parents will encounter similar issues in raising kids to be respectful, self-reliant, responsible and loving. Although there are ups and downs in parenting this approach makes navigating those tough places easier and less stressful, focusing on improvment not perfection.

I see clients online through Skype (PC or MAC) or FaceTime (MAC only). Working together we can find a time that works in your schedule. The first step is to fill out the contact form providing me with some basic information. Then I will get back to you to set up a 15 minute phone interview. There is no charge or obligation for this phone interview. If you choose after that interview, we can schedule our first 50 minute session. I will send you a payment form and the fee is $65 USD.