Peritron Perineometer
Peritron™ Precision Perineometer
Professional Training Device

Note: This personal care item is not returnable.
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What are the benefits of the new Peritron? It is...

• Smaller, lighter
• More accurate
• More sensitive
• Gives audio as well as visual biofeedback.
• Has linear and logarithmic biofeedback.
• More stats - Gradient, Area under Curve, Peak, Average and Duration

The Peritron probe directly measures the pressure produced by muscular contractions and is used at home or in the clinic for objective assessment of the strength and endurance of pelvic floor muscle contractions and for teaching and measuring the progress of regular pelvic floor exercises.

In operation, air displaced from the detachable probe travels to a pressure sensor in the display unit via a connecting tube. The signal from the sensor is interpreted by a microprocessor and displayed either numerically in centimeters water pressure or as a multi-range bar-graph for biofeedback. Peak and average readings for a contraction and its duration may be recalled.

One button controls all operations. Unit comes with a comprehensive manual.

• Quantitative pressure based results; clinical application
• Super-responsive feedback for teaching pelvic floor exercises
• Provides accurate, numerical readout in cubic cm of water
• Recalls the most recent peak, average, and duration readings
• Vaginal sensor
• Includes unit, connecting tube, vaginal sensor, manual, case

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