RESPeRATE Ultra and RESPeRATE DUO has discontinued sales of the Resperate devices which were used to reduce blood pressure through keeping track of paced breathing rate.

We are now recommending the emWave products for lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. Unlike the Resperate which keeps track of the breathing rate, the emWave shows the effect on the nervous system of paced breathing and other relaxation techniques. The emWave does this by measuring the coordination of the breathing and the heart rate, or Heart Rate Variability. When the breath and heart rate become coordinated this is called Coherence. The emWave has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve relaxation skills and improve the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

To best fit your individual needs we carry three emWave devices:

the emWave2 is a single-user portable device the size of a cell phone that gives portable/mobile feedback about the coherence state and the emWave2 also connects to a computer for a full screen computerized display, it also saves the data from each session so you can keep track of your changes over time. It connects to both a PC and a Mac, either laptop or desktop.

The emWave Pro is a multi-user system and keeps track of the data from multiple individuals. This unit is most often used by professionals who train Heart Rate Variability. The emWave Pro sensor connects to the computer via a USB port and the software runs on either a Mac or a PC. It is not portable and it only shows session data on a computer screen; either laptop or desktop.

The emWave Inner Balance is a sensor that connects to a cell phone or tablet (either Apple or Android) and uses an app measures coherence with the results displayed on the phone or tablet. The emWave Inner Balance also saves data but does not allow a display on a full sized computer screen.