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RESPeRATE lowers blood pressure
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RESPeRATE for High Blood Pressure
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RESPeRATE Lowers Blood Pressure!

LifeMatters is an authorized retailer for Intercure, the manufacturer of the Resperate Biofeedback Device. The RESPeRATE device you will receive from us is direct from the manufacturer, brand new, factory sealed and has the same 30 day guarantee as provided by Intercure.

What is RESPeRATE?
is the only FDA-cleared, non-drug, medical device clinically proven to lower high blood pressure with no side effects.

Now get the RESPeRATE Duo!
Now two users can keep control of their blood pressure with RESPeRATE Duo. The battery-operated RESPeRATE Duo comes with everything for two people to start lowering blood pressure today.

The Duo keeps track of the statistics for 2 people.There is one belt and one set of earphones so each person practices separately and the unit keeps track of each person's individual statistics.

RESPeRATE utilizes a patented technology to deliver certain kinds of breathing exercises. When these exercises are performed for as little as 15 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week they have been shown to significantly lower blood pressure with no side effects.

These therapeutic breathing exercises are difficult to effectively perform without the interactive, personalized coaching that RESPeRATE provides.

What can you do when everything you've tried isn't enough...Breathe...
RESPeRATE utilizes a patented technology to pace your breathing from the normal range of 14 to 19 breaths per minute to the "therapeutic zone" of under 10 breaths per minute.

Within a few minutes into the exercise the muscles surrounding the small blood vessels dilate [relax], thereby allowing blood to flow more freely, resulting in lower blood pressure. The RESPeRATE's pacing technology, enables you to perform these therapeutic breathing maneuvers effortlessly.

Your breathing returns to normal after each session but the beneficial impact on your blood pressure accumulates.

With regular use of the RESPeRATE significant and sustained reduction in blood pressure can be achieved.

How does RESPeRATE work?
View the interactive RESPeRATE demonstration.

Using patented technology, RESPeRATE interactively guides you to perform therapeutic breathing exercises that effortlessly slow your breathing from the normal range of 14 to 18 breaths per minute to the 'therapeutic zone' of under 10 breaths per minute, while prolonging your exhalation.

Breathing with RESPeRATE in the 'therapeutic zone' makes the difference.

Since everyone breathing patterns are different, RESPeRATE's breathing exercises are customized to you. During each exercise session, RESPeRATE automatically analyzes your normal breathing pattern and creates a personalized melody composed of two distinct tones–one tone for inhale, one for exhale. As you listen to the melody and synchronize your breathing with these tones, you will be guided to slow your breathing and prolong your exhalation, allowing you to reach the 'therapeutic zone'.

Lower your blood pressure in just 15 minutes a day with the RESPeRATE.

RESPeRATE's therapeutic breathing exercises relax the muscles surrounding your small blood vessels––allowing blood to flow more easily, resulting in lower blood pressure. Within 30 days of use, 15 minutes per day, at least 3-4 times per week, a significant reduction in blood pressure can be achieved. And as with any other exercise, regular use of RESPeRATE enables you to maintain the blood pressure reduction benefit.

Performing the exercise with RESPeRATE

1) First, place the elastic belt with the respiration sensor around your torso over your clothes. Then you'll put on the headphones, press the start button and breathe normally.

2) RESPeRATE automatically analyzes your current breathing pattern and creates a personalized melody composed of two distinct tones which will guide you to inhale and exhale.

3) Simply listen to the melody and synchronize your breathing to the tones–inhale with one tone, exhale with the other. By prolonging the exhalation tone RESPeRATE guides you to effortlessly slow your breathing to the 'therapeutic zone'.

4) A typical RESPeRATE exercise session takes only 15 minutes. Significant and sustained reductions can be achieved by consistently performing 45 minutes of therapeutic breathing per week.

5) After each RESPeRATE exercise session, your breathing returns to normal but the beneficial effects on your blood pressure continue to accumulate.

RESPeRATE...proven to work

Six clinical studies, conducted by leading hypertension specialist,s prove that RESPeRATE safely lowers blood pressure by an average of 14 points systolic and 9 points diastolic, when used routinely for 15 minutes per day, at least 3-4 times per week. Accumulating additional minutes of therapeutic breathing with RESPeRATE can result in even greater blood pressure reduction.

When you purchase your RESPeRATE or RESPeRATE Duo from LifeMatters receive FREE Unlimited support with a Biofeedback Therapist!

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Money Back Guarantee as an Authorized Retailer for Intercure
If you use RESPeRATE as recommended and do not see a reduction in your blood pressure, you may return RESPeRATE within 30 days of delivery and we will refund the full RESPeRATE purchase price less shipping. You need to contact us for instructions on how to make the return and include the original packaging.

A Strong Medical & Scientific Foundation
Guided by a world-renowned Scientific Advisory Board, InterCure, the maker of RESPeRATE, is committed to evidence-based medicine, clinical validation and a sound scientific foundation.

Breakthrough technology for home use

Personalized: RESPeRATE creates customized breathing exercises for each use
Portable: RESPeRATE is light weight, battery operated, the belt and sensor stores inside the device and the headphones wrap around securely
Ease of use: • Strap the sensor and belt over your clothes
• Turn on the Resperate
• Breathe normally
• Follow along with musical tones that guide and pace your breathing
• Adjust the volume with large keypad
• Use easy to read display for exercise results
• Use for 15 minutes per session at least 3 or 4 times a week

RESPeRATE Product Brochure

RESPeRATE - Clinical Overview

RESPeRATE Testimonials

Clinical achievements for RESPeRATE, a non-drug, medical device for lowering blood pressure:
• The first and only medical device indicated for the adjunctive treatment of hypertension.
• 14/9 mmHg average sustained blood pressure reductions within 30 days.
• No side effects, no drug interactions.
• Results of six clinical trials were published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

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