The MyoTrac Infiniti Clinical 2 Channel EMG

For the clinician regularly needing 2 channels of EMG either as a stand-alone unit or connected to the computer for enhanced display and data saving functions the MyoTrac Infiniti Clinical EMG is perfect. In addition, The MyoTrac Infiniti 2 Channel ElectroMyoGraph has 2 channels of muscle stimulation which can be used alone or in conjution with EMG for EMG triggered muscle stimulation (ETS).

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When used as a stand-alone unit in the field for sports applications or in the hospital at a patient's bedside, the MyoTrac Clinical Infiniti displays information on a small screen using bar graphs and line graphs. When connected to the computer and the BioGraph Infiniti Software with Rehab Suite the data is displayed on one or two computer screens and the data can be saved at 2048 samples/second. The data saved can then be reviewed either in summary form with an entire session on one screen or by working through the session screen by screen. The session can also be replayed and reviewed in real time and, of course, event markers are available to help interpret events that occur during the session which can have an impact on the data.

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The MyoTrac Infiniti Home is stand-alone unit without the computer connections. It has 2 channels of EMG and 2 channels of Muscle Stimulation and 2 channels of EMG triggered Muscle Stimulation (ETS) with the hand held display.

The MyoTrac Infiniti Dual Clinical has all the features of the MyoTrac Clinical EMG with the exception of muscle stimulation. The MyoTrac Infiniti Dual Clincial is dedicated to EMG exclusively with all the computer connections and the Biograph Infiniti software and the Rehabilitation Suite.

The MyoTrac Infiniti Dual Home is stand-alone unit without the computer connections, it has 2 channels of EMG with the hand held display.

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Author: Thomas Cobb