Retrieving Your Class Username and Password

It is important to remember when you have bought a class from LifeMatters, you have TWO logins. One is the Username (email address) and Password you used when you created an account. The other one for your class, your Username and Password, was sent to you automatically by email after you purchased the class. This is the login you use to access your class(es). This is usually the first name and last name of the class participant connected together with no spaces and no caps for the login and the same thing with 3 numbers at the end for the password. If this is the one you are using and it doesn't work, contact us and we will check it.

You can get your Username and Password from 'My Account' in the store. Follow the instructions below.

1. When you purchase a class we automatically send you an email containing your class login info, so...First go to your email account and search for an email from saying "Your class login..." and see if you can find the email that was sent to you after purchasing your class. You login information will be there.

2. If you can't locate that email, follow the instructions below on how to retrieve it from your LifeMatters Store account. At the top of any page (or click the menu icon on your phone or tablet) on you will see a link to STORE. Click on that link.

3. You are now in LifeMatters Store. Click on MY ACCOUNT.

4. Now you need to enter the USERNAME AND PASSWORD you created for the store when you bought the class, the login is always the email address of the person who created the account and you created the password. If you didn't make a note of that or you have forgotten your password, click on the link indicated by the Number 1 and we will resend it. Then come back to this page to enter it. If you are trying to login to your class you are in the wrong place, click on the link indicated next to Number 2.

5. Now you are in 'My Account'. Click on Class Logins

6. You are now in the Class Login area. Your Username and Password are listed under the Class Name. If you are registered for more than one class be sure match the right login information with the right class. We recommend copying and pasting the Username and Password directly on your Class Login page to avoid making an error. You can have the Class Login page open in another window/tab and copy from this page to that one.

7. Now this is the page to enter your Username and Password for the class: Class Login Page

8. If you still need help use the Contact form to send us a message.