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Co-Parenting Divorce Class

Co-Parenting Divorce Online Parenting Book Study Class
Class material is base on the Divorce Book for Parents by Vicki Lansky. This book is packed with useful information to help you and your children cope with divorce and its aftermath.

Rapid Certification Co-Parenting Divorce Class
Need comply fast with a court ordered class?

• Class material is online
• Start anytime
• Read the material, take the test online anytime
• True/false and multiple choice questions

• Test is available 24/7 - scored immediately
• Pass the test - Print FREE 4 hour certificate online
• Certificate of Completion accepted by courts. Guaranteed
• Live help during business hours with our toll free numbe

• How the Online Parenting Class works

In this online class you learn about:
Breaking the news to the children
Telling other people
Age-appropriate reactions of your children to divorce
When professional help is called for
Preparing for 'D-Day'
How to talk about the departing spouse
Money matters
Going to court for custody
Single father households
Positive aspects of shared parenting
Long term adjustments
Looking on the brighter side

About Co Parenting Divorce Online Class.