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U-Control EMG for Continence Training (Extender Cable Included) Our Price
Extender Cable -21 for U-Control $25.00
Extender Cable -36 $33.00
Vaginal Sensor for U-Control EMG (T6050) $55.00
Rectal Sensor for U-Control EMG (T6051) $55.00
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U-Control EMG for Continence Training (No sensors included)

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U-Control Continence Trainer Description
A easy-to-use, single channel, muscle monitor training device (sEMG), the battery-operated U-Control allows the practice of pelvic floor muscle exercises in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Daily practice with feedback from either the vaginal sensor anal sensors (purchase separately) improves recovery time. With both visual and audio feedback and easy to set thresholds, the U-Control is the perfect portable pelvic floor trainer.

Two lights cue you to contract or relax your pelvic floor muscles. Progress is viewed on an ascending or descending bargraph scale of 15 LEDs. The U-Control also allows the user to designate an audio tone for feedback, either continuous, or above or below threshold. The adjustable threshold setting allows patients to revise their training program as they progress.

� Single channel muscle monitor (EMG)
� Simple to use, allows self-training with prescribed exercises, at home,to re-educate pelvic muscles for better urinary control
� Adjustable threshold setting
� 15 LED feedback with auditory sounds
� Two LEDs cue patients to tense or relax for 5 or 10 seconds
� U-Contro Unit, Carry case, User manual, earphones
� Choose Vaginal Sensor with cable, Rectal Sensor with cable or 47' extender cable and EMG electrodes, strip of 3 singles.