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Stop Bruxing Now Online Class $97.00
Stop Bruxing Now Online Class with
Antense Biofeedback Device
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Stop Bruxing Now Online Class
with Myotrac, Extender Cable and Unigel Electrodes
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You Can Stop Clenching Your Teeth!

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You until 3 days after the online class or training begins to request a full refund. Email us at After 3 days there are no refunds available.

A comprehensive, online class to teach you how to eliminate chronic bruxing, grinding and clenching. The Stop Bruxing Now class focuses on how YOU can change your clenching/bruxing habit. Personal coaching is available to you 24/7 via an online discussion board.

With a new perspective, simple techniques, and a commitment to practice you can reduce the frequency and severity of your bruxing habit. This class is educational and includes ongoing support.

Combining the Stop Bruxing Now Class with Biofeedback

The Antense device is a simple yet effective way to increase awareness of your clenching habit. You will actually be able to hear how tense your muscles are! With this device you will have another guide to help you learn the skills to stop your clenching habit. It is inexpensive and very simple to use.

The MyoTrac is more precise and gives you feedback with both sound and lights. It is capable of monitoring not only face muscles but also neck and shoulder muscles. The MyoTrac makes it easy to track and validate your progress.

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