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There is a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

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Antense Details
The Antense® anti-tension device is a simple yet effective way to eliminate stress by helping you develop a greater sense of body awareness while in the comfort of your own home.

Using the scientifically proven principles of biofeedback, Antense® makes you aware of how stress changes your body and how to better control these changes.

Your body indicates its stress level by muscle contractions in the forehead, neck and scalp. Using space age patented technology, Antense® measures these contractions and instantly converts the signal into a pleasant tone-pitch proportional to the level of muscle tension in your body.

By listening in on the tension in your body you can control the pitch using the tone as a guide. By learning to feel how stress changes your body, you will quickly understand how to release that tension and stress and learn how to relax at will.

The Antense® anti-tension device is a simple yet effective way to reduce tension in the face and head muscles. While searching for an inexpensive EMG device to add the benefit of biofeedback to our Headache Relief Training, we found the Antense. It provides real time feedback for the muscles of the head and neck; this helps you develop better relaxation skills for these critical muscles. It is simple to use, requires no electrode adhesives or complicated sensor placement.

The Antense® provides you with valuable feedback so you know you are relaxing and re-training the muscles so often implicated in triggering chronic tension and migraine headaches.

This comfortable leatherette headset has an adjustable soft belt with dry EMG electrodes, a sensitivity control, adjustable volume.

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