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Stressless Single Parenting Class

As a single parent, learn how to succeed in the most important job you have: raising courageous, responsible human beings. This class teaches a positive, proven approach to single parenting based on a consistent, common sense approach to child rearing.

8 week Certificate Online Parenting Class
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• How the Online Parenting Class works

This online class introduces the style of democratic, respectful, and effective parenting as it applies specifically to being a single parent.

Change your perception of being a single parent
Identify potential problems and develop skillls to prevent them
Family meetings, make your family a team
Learn how to budget time each week for family activities
Create respectful coparenting relationship with former spouse
Use nonpunitive methods to support kids making better decisions
Taking care of you
Celebrating your family

Your FREE book is 'Positive Discipline for Single Parents' by Jane Nelson, Ed.D., Cheryl Erwin, M.A., Carol Delzer, M.A., J.D., which will be used as source material for the class. The actual material we will be using for our discussions and homework will come from this book.

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