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Skin Conductance (Galvanic Skin Response) & Hand Temperature Biofeedback Systems

Use the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) & Hand Temprature to learn to relax quickly and effectively!

This equipment puts the power of relaxation training into your hands, literally. Biofeedback is incredibly powerful because the electronics are able to clearly tell you what is going on in your body.

The eSense GSR (Skin Conductance) and eSense Temperature work with iOS and Android devices.

The GSR2 and GSR/Temp are stand alone devices and can be paired with Audio Progams. All audio programs can be ordered with the GSR2/Temp or the GSR2. .

Galvanic Skin Response (GSR, Skin Conductance) and Hand Temperature

Biofeedback actually measures your body's responses and then informs you of these changes. Once you know what is happening in your body, you can use this information to change your body's responses. The GSR2 measures increases and decreases in the autonomic nervous system by measuring subtle changes in the moisture on the palm of your hand. This is the famous Galvanic Skin Response (monitored by the GSR2 and fed back to you through a tone or a meter, allowing you to learn effective 'whole body relaxation').

The GSR quickly and accurately measures your levels of emotional arousal. All you need to do is hold it in your hand, resting two fingers on the sensing plates. It turns itself on automatically at the touch of your fingertips and emits a tone. The more stress you feel, the higher the tone so as you lower the tone the more relaxed you become.

GSR is helps you learn how to enter deep states of relaxation where the benefits of guided imagery, psychotherapy, and physical rejuvenation are more available.

By learning to guide your own body into deep relaxation, you can master your stress responses. We have used the GSR to assist many of our clients to relax during therapy.

This GSR2 unit is one of the simplest, fastest and inexpensive ways to manage your own stress levels. This GSR2 unit is one of the simplest, fastest and inexpensive ways to manage your own stress levels. Return to see all of our biofeedback machines.

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