Antense® Anti-tension Device
Train Your Body to Mind
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The Antense anti-tension device is a simple yet effective way to eliminate stress by helping you develop a greater sense of body awareness in the comfort and privacy of your home.

The most common cause of the discomfort associated with stress or tension is the contraction of your scalp, face and neck muscles. Learning how to relax these muscles is an essential step toward relief and prevention of this discomfort. Because these muscles are not normally under your conscious, direct control, a monitoring or guidance system is necessary to indicate or feedback to you their level of activity. The Antense biofeedback device provides this monitoring.

The instrument continuously monitors and averages the electromyographic (EMG) activity in the frontalis (forehead) muscle and converts it into a pleasant tone. Using patented technology, Antense measures these contractions and instantly converts the signal into a pleasant tone-pitch proportional to the level of muscle tension in your body. With the variations in the tone as a guide, you can quickly train your muscles to relax relieving the discomfort and preventing future problems related to tense facial muscles like headaches. By learning to feel how stress changes your body, you will quickly understand how to release that tension and stress and learn how to relax at will.

Using the scientifically proven principles of biofeedback, Antense makes you aware of how stress changes your body and how to better control these changes.

Antense Anti-Tension Device Includes:
• Comfortable leatherette headset
• Adjustable soft belt
• Dry EMG electrodes
• Sensitivity control,
• Adjustable volume
• 9 volt battery included.

Do you clench or grind your teeth!
Save $30 when you buy the Antense Biofeedback Device and the Stop Bruxing Now Class! With the Antense muscle tension monitor you get feedback about how tense your jaw and face muscles are. It has been our experience that with chronic bruxing and clenching that the face muscles show evidence of chronic tension and to not easily or quickly relax. In fact, it can take several weeks to train the muscles how to relax normally. Our course is designed to teach you step by step methods to return your jaw muscle tension to normal thereby reducing pain and training yourself to stop bruxing.

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