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Is this familiar?

You have a family history of migraine or tension headaches and developed them as a teenager or young adult after a trauma or period of stress. You try OTC (over the counter) medications and/or go to the doctor. The diagnosis is migraines and/or tension headaches and medication is prescribed. For a while you are able to manage them because they occur infrequently.

'Life happens' and you start to notice that your headaches are more often and then more severe.

You start to take more and more medications to get relief and at some point you suspect they are causing rebound headaches.

The more headaches you have, the more medications you take, the more stress you feel.

Meanwhile you are unaware that the often hidden tension in your neck and head makes everything worse because all the doctors and the literature say migraines are vascular and have nothing to do with muscles. Now what?

Are you like many people with chronic headaches on a perpetual hunt for alternative ways to get rid of them? Are you like most of these chronic sufferers who started having headaches periodically and over time they become more frequent and more intense despite trying many medications? Read on, you are not alone.

Why do headaches start happening more often?

Generally, headaches should not occur more than once a month. If they are more frequent than that, there is an underlying problem that should be addressed - a problem that you and your doctors may be overlooking or minimizing. And until you address this problem, your headaches will likely continue and even get worse.

This problem? It's muscle tension.That's right, muscle tension. But, doesn't everyone have some muscle tension? And the answer is yes, but people who are genetically inclined to have migraines and those who for whatever reason have abnormally high levels of muscle tension are more severely affected.

Muscle tension makes you more vulnerable to both tension headaches and migraine headaches and can actually trigger them both. If you don't get rid of this tension triggering your migraines – just like any other problem in life - they will come back. Habit patterns and shortened muscle fibers keep you locked in to chronically holding tension in your muscles.

There are no painkillers or any other medications available that have any affect on chronically tense muscles.

While the latest migraine medications do help once a migraine starts (for a while) they do nothing to change tension producting habits or lengthen the shortened muscle fibers. This even applies to migraines, a migraine that occurs more than once a month often has been triggered by underlying tension.

How to Eliminate Chronic Headaches

It is essential that you learn how to reduce muscle tension and allow your muscles to heal so they can function normally without abnormal tension.

It is essential to effectively deal with the stress that keeps your body in the 'red zone', fueling the muscle tension which makes you more vulnerable to headaches.