Multi-Modality Systems

All these units are compact easily worn on a belt and the ProComp2 can be worn on a head band or a shirt collar. They connect directly to a PC and the Biograph Infiniti software by a fiber optic cable for total optical isolation of the patient from the computer and it's electrical connection. The Procomp and Flexcomp are also able to connect to the computer by a telemetric accessory, the Tele-Infiniti. The FlexComp Infiniti, and ProComp Infiniti and ProCom5p Infiniti can also save data to a compact flash card for later download to a PC.

All these professional quality multiple channel biofeedback machines ship with the powerful Biograph Infiniti software base that can be customized for specific applications and also ship with either the EEG Suite (an add on software module preconfigured for EEG feedback and recording) or the Physiology Suite (an add on software module preconfigured for psychophysiological beedback and recording). We have used professional quality multimodality biofeeback machines and software for over 25 years and are extremely impressed with the quality and portability of these systems and the power and flexibilty of the software. Thought Technology has both in-person and online workshops available to meet the training needs of practitioners at every level.

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Multimodality Biofeedback
Multi-Modality Sensors