EMG Portable Muscle Monitors

Train Your Body to Mind
Now the power of accurate professional muscle monitoring (EMG, Electromyography) is available for use in the home as well as in the clinic. These units are powerful and flexible enough that they can be used for relaxation training of tense muscles, reeducation of injured muscles or even strengthening and training of the necessary muscles to improve incontinence. And now, the MyoTrac Infiniti Clinical Units allow real time computerized monitoring and display. We have a selection of biofeedback machines to choose from.

EMG Muscle Monitors

The single channel MyoTrac is lightweight and small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and allows total freedom of movement for ambulatory exercises and feedback during different activities and is perfect for home use.

The MyOnyx Mobile (T9020) and MyOnyx Clinical (T9030) units are 2 channel EMGs that feature touch screen displays as well as a Bluetooth connection to a PC for data collection and real time graphic signal display. They both also perform muscle stimulation triggered by pre-set EMG thresholds, making it a powerful tool for neuromuscular re-education. The MyOnyx Clinical Unit (T9030) ships with Biograph Infiniti software and all computer connections and the MyOnyx Mobile (T9000) connects to a downloadable Android app.

These are invaluable tools for precisely measuring muscle activity. Each of these  Muscle Monitors (EMG) provides sensitivity ranges for muscle strengthening, rehabilitation, re-training and/or relaxation training.

We are very impressed with the features packed into these portable sEMG units. These compact units are extremely well made and provide scientifically accurate measurements of muscle activity.

If you need more than 2 channels of EMG, consider the MultiModality Encoders which can support up to 10 channels of EMG or a combination of EMG and other physiological measures (Skin Conductance, Blood Volume Pulse, Respiration, Temperature, EKG, EEG).

MyoTrac™ monitors can be useful in helping to reverse the muscle tension levels in tension headaches and migraine headaches (Migraine sufferers often have tense muscles of the head and neck), chronic neck pain (caused by whiplash or repetitive neck strain), back pain, TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint Syndrome), bruxing behavior, repetitive strain of the arms and hands, urinary or fecal incontinence, rehabilitation and retraining of muscles with damaged nerves.

Surface EMG feedback is extremely useful to help individuals stay on the path of recovery because it gives accurate feedback every step of the way.

It was always revealing and often astounding for my patients with chronic pain to discover levels of tension 10 or 20 times normal levels when they were measured by Surface EMG in our biofeedback sessions. And once initial tension levels were discovered, the step by step feedback which showed reduced tension levels with ongoing training was invaluable for helping to stay on task for recovery.

Physical Therapists routinely use and recommend surface EMG for their patients with damaged or injured muscles.

We have used portable sEMG units in our practices for years to extend the benefits of weekly training sessions into the home and work environment. Now these units are available for home use as well as professional use and for the cost of just a few biofeedback sessions can be used on an ongoing basis by individuals interested in recovering from pain and dysfunction caused by tight muscles or for neuromuscular rehabilitation (muscle retraining and strengthening) in conjunction with their work with a physical therapist or biofeedback therapist.

These Surface EMG units offer professional power for the home user and extend the benefits of office sessions into the home for patients of professional therapists.