emWave2® Portable Training Device in Slate Gray or Silver Blue

emWave2® Portable Training Device
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emWave2® Portable Training Device
GSR2 Biofeedback Device
Price $229

The emWave family of products have been popular for many years. Based on Heart Rate Variability and the measurement of coherence (heart beat and breath coordination), this technology will improve your physical and psychological harmony. Now Heartmath has taken their proven technology and improved it! The emWave 2 has it all; a stand alone, portable device that also connects to the computer and saves data.

The emWave2 is the marriage of the portable emWave PSR and the data rich emWave Desktop. This machine works on the go with the flexibility of an ear or a finger sensor. Both sensors quickly measure your coherence levels and relay the information into LED displays on the machine. Coherence Coach A personal breathing pattern is generated that helps you bring your measured heart rhythms into coherence. Unlike previous versions of the portable emWave, the new emWave 2 stores your session data for future analysis.

When you have completed your session, you now have the option of viewing the data on your computer. The emWave 2 will interface with your computer and your session data can be downloaded. The emWave 2 even includes a desktop application for processing this data. The desktop display is easy to use and will allow you to see the details of previous sessions. You will be able to see history and chart progress. You can also use the emWave 2 in real time and see your coherence levels displayed on the computer screen as you use the machine. Like the emWave Desktop, there are different challenge levels ranging from beginner to advanced. You will be entertained and challenged while keeping your body and mind in harmony. The emWave 2 is much simpler and easier than other desktop products with the added ability to be fully portable while saving your data.

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