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GSR2/Temp Biofeedback System
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Use the GSR2/Temp to learn to use the Galvanic Skin Response and hand warming to relax and effectively!

The GSR2/Temp is the same unit as the GSR2 which monitors the Galvanic Skin Response from the finger tips to monitor changes in the autonomic nervous system that reflect tension or relaxation. In addition to the GSR2 functionality, the GSR2/Temp also includes a thermister which monitors finger temperature and a meter that displays changes in temperature. The GSR2/Temp is actually 2 biofeedback units in one with both of these capabilities. It also includes a hans free GSR finger sensor.

Biofeedback with the GSR2/Temp gives you this unique dual monitoring capability to help you take your relaxation response deeper. Knowing your physical reactions helps you can change your responses. The GSR2/Temp measures increases and decreases in the autonomic nervous system activity by measuring subtle changes in the moisture of your fingers, the often discussed Galvanic Skin Response. Learning how to warm your hands has been shown to improve blood pressure and increase the relaxation response.

You can learn to relax well, you can improve your reactions to stress. GSR and temperature biofeedback for hand warming are often used by biofeedback therapists.

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