Online Parenting Classes for Children of All Ages

Online Parenting Classes are affordable, convenient, self-paced and include personal support from expert parent educators. Your parenting book is free and you can earn Certificates of Completion to verify your participation. Now, you can take advantage of the years of experience we have working successfully with families and teaching them the same respectful, non punitive Positive Discipline parenting style available in our online parenting classes. You can experience dramatic changes in the behavior of your children when you apply the principles of these parenting classes in your family.

For less than the cost of one counselor visit, you can take an online parenting class.

Online Parenting Classes are a great value and you can earn Certificates of Completion in the 8 week class and the rapid classes. There are 3 eight lesson online parenting classes: Parenting Young Children, Respectful & Effective Parenting, and Parenting Teenagers which take 8 weeks to complete. The 8 week classes don't require a test only weekly feedback forms. Weekly lessons give you time to read the material and practice the techniques. During the 8 weeks and you have access to personal coaching from an expert parent educator. All of this occurs within a community of other parents also learning how to be the best parents they can be!

You don't need a babysitter, or have to listen to boring lectures.

Online Parenting Classes are convenient. You can take a week to do a lesson or if you are busy or on vacation you can miss a week and come back and pick up where you left off. The parenting classes are self-paced and there is no specific time you have to be at your computer. The parenting classes fit into your schedule not the other way around. Your online parenting class will support you in meeting the parenting challenge of raising responsible, cooperative, happy children.

Online parenting classes start as soon as you register!

Online Parenting Classes are readily available. You don't have to wait until the next quarter or semester or miss a class because it is already full. Sign up, and you are ready to start improving your parenting style.

Earn a Certificate of Completion quickly with the rapid online classes.

If you have a requirement to participate in a parenting class and do not have an appropriate one available in your area, an online class can be just what you need. As soon as you register for your rapid certification parenting classes and an effect of divorce on children parenting class, you have acces to your class material, test and you can earn your Certificate of Completion as quickly as you pass the test.

You will have a parenting expert assist you every step of the way in the 8 week classes!

Online Parenting Classes offer personal support. This coaching is available 24/7 via a discussion board facilitated by expert parent educators who are experienced in this respectful and democratic parenting approach based on the work of psychologist Alfred Adler. You can post questions and comments to gain insight into your particular parenting style and get help on how to implement what you are learning in your family.

Take a step toward a better, more fulfilling role as a parent. Join other parents who want to improve their parenting skills and enjoy their role of parenting by taking one of the convenient online parenting classes.

Everything is Online, Start Immediately, No Waiting for Certificates...

Our 8 lesson parenting classes focus on learning and implementing a practical, respectful and effective parenting style. Learn how children develop, why they misbehave, how to encourage your child and discover excellent communication tools allowing you to handle any situation that might arise.

How Online Parenting Classes Work

*Your Certificate of Completion Guarantee
Our online parenting classes have been accepted by courts nationwide. Parents, grandparents and teachers take our online classes for personal reasons and some to fulfill a legal requirement. If you need a Certificate of Completion, we encourage you read the information for court ordered parenting classes we provide for you and submit it to your social worker, lawyer or family court for pre-approval. We are so confident in the content and quality of our online classes, your Certificate of Completion is guaranteed to be accepted by the courts or your money back. Please read our parenting class guarantee for details.