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LifeMatters made the first parenting classes available online in 2002. Starting at $39 these classes are Guaranteed to be accepted by the Courts. Online Rapid and 8 week options offer free certificates and age-specific classes to help improve parenting skills using the powerful, practical parenting style based on Positive Discipline.

This Parenting Class can empower you and your teen through kind and firm parent training strategies.

Teens can make you feel like you are at your wits end. However, with a bit of support you and your teens can transition from controlling to working together to guide them to a successful adulthood. The kind but firm approach taught in this class can take the anxiety out of this sometimes stressful time and replace it with confidence, effectiveness and enjoyment.

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Surprise! What you are experiencing with your teen is normal. Watch as Jane Nelson, author of the Positive Discipline book series and collaborator on our parenting classes talks about the teen years.

•If you would like to see Jane Nelson discuss Positive Discipline, check out this video How to Discipline a Child - Jane Nelsen Interview

• Download a copy of Positive Discipline Guidelines
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If it seems there is no other way for your child to pass through the teen years into adulthood without alienating your family, you are not alone.

In the beginning both you and your teenager will feel the tug of childhood vs. adolescence. It is predictable and desirable for there to be some disagreements, communication problems and unwise choices teenagers make while growing up. Your job is to recognize the validity of this transition, establish a positive relationship with your teen and work on not taking this developmental stage as a personal affront to your authority.

As parents, we all have different tolerances for misbehavior and the methods of discipline. But it is never too late to start dealing with your teen in a different way that is more respectful and productive. With teens, it is crucial to find ways to influence instead of control. This online parenting class can take much of the angst out of parenting a teenager. It will give you skills that you can use which are practical and workable. You don't have to be a psychologist to decipher the process. You won't be a controlling dictator. This online Parenting Teenagers class teaches you how using kindness and firmness is the answer to parenting a teen without punishing and grounding.

"Thank you for coming up with this very helpful and insightful material on Parenting Teenagers. The principles you gave helped me a lot in changing the way I approach a problem situation. Now I know better and am now able to relate with my teen on the level that he can understand me and our relationship has become deeper and better. I am more like a friend to him that he can relate to as I change my way of approaching a situation. I think I am a better mom now than when I started the class in so far as relating to my teen is concerned. More power to you and may you will be able to bring this material to more parents. Democratic parenting really works." - Pamela Escara, Texas

Learn the answers and solutions to these and other issues.
• Do you feel like you are increasingly excluded from your teen's life?
• Start to understand how your teen still needs you but in different ways
• How to get to know who your teen really is
• Discipline without bribing, yelling and grounding
• Discover how to develop sound judgment without being judgmental
• Dealing with rebellious, disrespectful and rude behavior?
• Learn how to follow-through which is the only surefire way to get chores done
• Does your teen's behavior scare you?
• Create an atmosphere of respect and love that can continue to grow and expand long after the teen years are over.

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Our online parenting classes have been accepted by courts nationwide. Parents, grandparents and teachers take our online classes for personal reasons and some to fulfill a legal requirement. If you need a Certificate of Completion, we encourage you read the information for court ordered parenting classes we provide for you and submit it to your social worker, lawyer or family court for pre-approval. We are so confident in the content and quality of our online classes, your Certificate of Completion is guaranteed to be accepted by the courts or your money back. Please read our parenting class guarantee for details.

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Author: Phyllis Grannis

The online Parenting Classes are educational in nature and the classes are not intended to be psychotherapy. If you feel you have specific mental health needs please consult your health care professional.

Would your agency like to refer clients to parenting classes that provide ongoing support, the ability to track the progress of participants, The parenting classes teach focusing on solutions and are based on kind and firm parenting not corporal punishment and are an excellent model for families with a history of domestic violence? If so please contact us.