How to Apply sEMG Electrodes

The MyoTrac Muscle Monitor ships with a starter package of 3 Triode electrodes. If you want to use a different electrode configuration than the Triode Electrode Pad provides, you can order an Extender Cable.

In order to allow bilateral placement on the same muscle group an Extender Cable is available. This extender cable plugs into the end of the Triode Electrode head that ships with the MyoTrac and allows a strip of 3 electrodes to be used together for a Frontalis placement or separated for placements on other muscles bilaterally (such as the temporalis, masseter, trapezius, etc. muscle groups).

We have created a series of illustrations to clarify the process preparing the electrodes for placement. Both the Triode Electrode Pads and the Strip of 3 Electrodes are available in packages of 100. They both feature hypoallergenic adhesive surfaces and silver chloride electrodes that do not need gel applied. Both types of electrodes are for single use.

The electrode harness plugs into the MyoTrac
• The highly-sensitive MyoScan active sensor needs no gel applied for contact to skin; removal of make-up and surface oils is important.
• Each unit is sold with 3 Triode Electrode Pads, additional pads are sold in packages of 100.

EMG Electrodes, Triode Pads
• Use with the MyoTrac electrode harness
• Snaps onto supplied electrode harness
• 3 clustered electrodes for monitoring one muscle group unilaterally
• Hypoallergenic adhesive sticks electrode to surface of skin
• Silver chloride electrodes need no gel
• Replacement pads sold in packages of 100

The self-adhesive Triode Electrode Pads easily snap onto the harness.

Remove the protective paper covering from adhesive side of electrode pad before applying.

Extender Cables plug into the supplied electrode harness extending it's length.
• Use the 3 Strip Electrode Pads as one strip or as separated electrodes
• Allows for the separation of positive and negative electrodes for bilateral monitoring of the same muscle.

Each of the 3 electrode pads snap onto the Extender Cable.

Strips of 3 Single electrodes is perforated for easy separation.
• Snaps onto 21" and 40" Extender Cables
• Hypoallergenic adhesive sticks electrode to surface of skin
• Silver chloride electrodes need no gel
• 100 strips in package

Snapping a single electrode pad onto the extender cable after separation.

Illustration of a set of 3 separated individual pads after being snapped onto the extender cable.

Illustration of removing the protective cover from the adhesive side of a single electrode pad prior to placement.