Tele-Infiniti Just Un-Plug... and Play!
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Tele-Infiniti is now available for Thought Technology's 2 and 8 channel data acquisition systems: ProComp2, ProComp Infiniti and FlexComp Infiniti (in ProComp Infiniti mode). The thumb sized telemetry unit attaches to the cases and transmits data to 10+ meters (30+ feet)- useful for sports applications, where the light and durable standard fiber-optic connection will hinder a golfer, archer or shooter.


Major Laderoute, former Athletic Director of the Canadian Forces Combat Training Center stated, "Biofeedback is an essential part of sports training. We introduced the Bisley Rifle Team to Thought Technology’s GSR/EMG/TEMP Biofeedback, with Gold Medal results. Every athlete should have the chance to learn how to control emotive and physical responses to competitive stress that inhibits peak performance".

"Combining telemetry with Thought Technology’s encoders allows us to monitor a shooter’s physiological activity in real time, so as to identify maladaptive breathing patterns, muscle tension and thoughts that interfere with ideal performance. We can then intervene and coach our athletes in real time. By reviewing the saved data with the athletes, we can help them alter their position, breathing patterns and thoughts to enhance their performance. Thought Technology’s latest range of products is a QUANTUM LEAP for athletes and others who are looking to improve their performance".

For thirty years Thought Technology of Montreal, Canada has created highly sensitive, portable, and affordable biofeedback devices for the clinic and for home use by the client. Thought Technology is the world’s leading manufacturer of biofeedback equipment.

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