Blood Volume Pulse Sensor
HR/BVP Flex/Pro SA9308M
Heart Rate/Blood Volume Pulse Sensor
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BVP, Blood Volume Pulse sensor or photoplethysmograph, bounces infra-red light against a skin surface and measures the amount of reflected light. This amount will vary with the amount of blood present in the skin. At each heart beat (pulse), there is more blood in the skin - blood reflects red light and absorbs other colors - and more light is reflected. Between pulses, the amount of blood decreases and more red light is absorbed. The BVP signal is a relative measure so it does not have a standard unit. From the BVP signal, the software can usually calculate heart rate and inter-beat interval. The amplitude of the BVP deviation can also be a useful measure. Heart Rate Variability can also be calculated with the BVP.

HR/BVP Flex/Pro Sensor Specifications (SA9308M)
Length (Approx.) - 20mm x 34mm x 10mm (0.72" x 1.33" x 0.41")
Weight - 20g (0.66 oz)
Input Range - Unit less quantity displayed as 0% – 100%
Accuracy - ±5%

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USA Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician or any other practitioner licensed by the law of the state in which he or she practices to use or order the use of this device.