MyoScan-Pro™ SA9401M-60
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MyoScan-Pro 60Hz V2 EMG Sensor (Protected Pin) 60in, 154cm

The MyoScan-Pro sensor’s active range is from 20 to 500 Hz. It can record SEMG signals of up to 1600 micro-volts (μV), RMS. On the back of the sensor, there is a small switch with three positions: 400N, 1600W and 400W. In the 400W (wide bandwidth) position, the sensor will be sensitive to the full 20-500Hz bandwidth. When recording SEMG from the upper body muscles, the sensor might pick up some electrical interference from the heart muscle, which is usually seen as a sharp spike occurring at every heartbeat. This noise can be filtered out by moving the switch to the 400N (narrow bandwidth) position. In this position, the sensor will only be sensitive to frequencies between 100 and 200 Hz. The third position, 1600W is for monitoring large muscle groups like thigh muscles. At the 400W or 400N positions, the sensor’s amplitude scale is 400 μV, which allows for a good resolution for most of the body’s muscles. The larger body muscles can produce microvolt readings of up-to 1600 μV. To properly monitor their activity, set the sensor to the 1600W position

MyoScan Pro EMG Sensor Specifications (SA9401M)
Size (Approx.) - 37mm x 37mm x 15mm (1.45" x 1.45" x 0.60")
Weight - 25g (1 oz)
Input Impedance - 10GΩ in parallel with 10pF
Input Range - 0 – 400μVRMS, 0 – 1600μVRMS
Sensitivity - <0.1μVRMS
Bandwidth- -20Hz – 500Hz
Accuracy - ±5%, ±0.3μVRMS.

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