U-Control™ Home Continence Trainer
1 Channel of sEMG
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Extender Cable 36"
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NOTE: The U-Control Unit DOESN'T come with sensors. This personal care item is not returnable.
If you need sensors, refer to the Related Accessories above; purchase either a vaginal or a rectal sensor and a bag of UniGel Electrodes. The U-Control can also be used as a surface muscle monitor (EMG) with an Extender Cable and UniGel Electrodes.

A easy-to-use, single channel, sEMG training device, the battery-operated U-Control allows you or your patients to practice pelvic floor muscle exercises in the comfort, privacy and convenience of the home. A sEMG instrument such as the U-Control monitors the strength of the nerve signal which causes the muscle to contract. Daily practice with sEMG feedback enhances the user's recovery time and the professional's ability to help and guide their patients. With both visual and audio feedback and easy to set thresholds, the U-Control is the perfect portable pelvic floor trainer. Since it is also a full function portable sEMG it is useful for useful in any other musculo-skeletal problem (headache, TMJ, tight or injured muscles/nerves in any part of the body).

The two lights on the right side cue you or your patients to contract or relax the muscle being monitored. Progress is viewed on an ascending or descending bar graph scale of 15 LEDs on the left side.

The U-Control also allows the user to designate an audio tone for feedback, either continuous, or above or below threshold. The adjustable threshold setting allows for the revision of the training program as progress is made.

The U-Control is a stand-alone sEMG unit without a computer interface.

• Single channel muscle monitor (EMG)
• Simple to use, allows self-training with prescribed exercises, at home, to re-educate pelvic muscles for better urinary control
• Adjustable threshold setting
• Stand-alone, no computer interface*
• 15 LED feedback with auditory sounds
• Two LEDs cue patients to tense or relax for 5 or 10 seconds
• Unit, Carry case, User manual, earphones
U-Control requires an Extender Cable and Electrodes or the Vaginal Sensor and Electrodes or Rectal Sensor and Electrodes , all purchased separately.

Our state of the art Vaginal Sensors are remarkably comfortable, durable and reusable. The design ensures perfect placement, and enables use in a range of positions. The UniGel electrodes are recommended for use with the Vaginal and Rectal sensor because EMG signals requre a ground connection sensor addition to the two active sensors contained in the Vaginal and Rectal sensor units. Our sensors are recommended by leading clinicians in the field.

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