Vaginal Sensor
Vaginal Sensor EMG & Stim
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Used to monitor the strength of the muscle contractions and provide muscle stimulation when used with the Myotrac Infiniti Clinical 2 Channel EMG with software and all computer connections or Myotrac Infiniti Home 2 Channel EMG for assessment and training to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. These sensors monitor strength of the motor neuron firing into the muscles and also provide the ability to stimulate the same muscles for biofeedback training. These vaginal sensors also require UniGel electrodes. The UniGel electrodes are placed on the surface of the skin and act as an electronic reference point for the two active electrodes which are built into the Rectal Sensor

Accurate EMG Assessessment and Training of Pelvic Floor muscles

EMG extender cables can also be used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles when placed on the surface of the pelvic floor.

We also carry Rectal EMG and Stim Sensors to monitor and help strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

You can find Non-Stim Rectal and Vaginal EMG sensors for use with the U-Control Home Continence Trainor on our biofeedback accessories page.