ProComp Infiniti 8 Channel
ProComp Infiniti System T7500M
8 Channel with choice of 360 or Rehab Suites
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(NOTE:This device is sold only to or by the order of a licensed practitioner.)

The ProComp Infiniti™ is a new 8 channel, multi-modality encoder that has all the power and flexibility you need for real-time, computerized biofeedback and data acquisition in any clinical setting.

The first two sensor channels provide ultimate signal fidelity (2048 samples per second) for viewing RAW EEG, EMG and EKG signals. The remaining six channels (256 samples/sec) can be used with any combination of sensors, including EEG, EKG, RMS EMG, skin conductance, heart rate, blood volume pulse, respiration, goniometry, force, and voltage input.

ProComp Infiniti offers internal, user-activated calibration to ensure that you can always obtain the highest quality signal, without the costly downtime associated with factory re-calibration.

In short, the ProComp Infiniti covers the full range of objective physiological signals used in clinical observation and biofeedback.

Housed in an ergonomically designed case and requiring only a USB port, ProComp Infiniti can be used with any IBM-compatible laptop or desktop PC. What’s more, ProComp Infiniti can capture data in real time by connecting directly to the PC via fiber-optic cable, or it can store data on a Compact Flash memory card for uploading later to the PC.

Software Information

The BioGraph Infiniti software is created in a modular fashion to ensure you get only what you need and do not fill your computer's memory with unwanted software. The first two suites from Thought Technology are the EEG and Physiology Suites. They are general Suites which provide you with a variety of screens for different modalities. The Developer Tools will allow for high end users to create their own screens, scripts and channel sets. This ultimately provides the customer with the most variety under one system.

ProComp Infiniti System:
• 14 bit resolution, eight-channel ProComp Infiniti encoder unit
• TT-USB interface unit
• Fiber-optic cables (1' and 15')
• Four alkaline AA batteries
• Sleek fabric storage and carrying case

Select your Multimodality Sensors and other professional biofeedback equipment like the new ProComp5 Infiniti.

Application Suites
EEG Suite
Physiology Suite

Download Documentation
ProComp Infiniti Manual (2,091kb)
You need Acrobat Reader to view documentation PDF's.

ProComp Infiniti Specifications

Computer Requirements
MINIMUM computer configuration:
PC compatible laptop or desktop
Windows 98 (will not work with Vista yet)
350MHz processor, 256MB of RAM
10GB of free hard drive space

CDROM drive
SVGA graphics card and monitor
For split screens: Dual Video card and 2 monitors
Sound Blaster compatible sound card and speakers
Free USB port
USB mouse

RECOMMENDED computer configuration:
PC compatible laptop or desktop
Windows XP Pro (will not work with Vista yet)
1GHz or faster processor, 512MB of RAM
30GB of free hard drive space
SVGA Graphics card and monitor capable of 1024x768 resolution
For split screens: Dual Video card and 2 monitors
Sound Blaster AWE 32 (or Sound Blaster Live) sound card and speakers
Free USB Port
USB Mouse