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BioGraph Infiniti Software 6.0
Price $925
In Stock
Shipping Cost - 1 @ $35 .
Shipping Method - 2nd Day FedEx
International Ship Cost - Call for quote

General policies and guarantee

Please Note: The Biograph Infiniti software and all computer connections is included along with one application suite (EEG, Physiology, Rehab) with the purchase of every Multi-Modality Encoder and the MyoTrac Infiniti Clinical 2 Channel EMGs. We sell it separately for those customers who purchsed a MyoTrac Infiniti Home (non-clinical) 2 Channel EMG and wish to upgrade to the Clinical version.

The Biograph Infiniti software is the basic software that acquires the signal from the sensors, interpret and saves the signal to the database, displays the signal for the therapist, researcher or patient and facilitates the review and analysis of the saved signals for clinical and research purposes. This is extremely powerful softare that gives the cilincial and researcher expert control over acquiring, displaying and analysing physiological data.

BioGraph Infiniti version 6.0 is compatible with Windows Vista/XP/2000 Microsoft® and Windows® 7 Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise; Windows® 8 Pro, Enterprise, view Biograph Infiniti computer requirements

Major Features:

Z-score neurofeedback (5 new screens added to the EEG Suite)
Dual Threshold Feedback (useful for coherence, phase, Z-score, etc.)
Built-in Programmable Respiration Pacer (6 new screens added to the Physiology Suite)
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Resonant Frequency Detection (6 new screens added to the Physiology Suite)
Pulse transit time feedback (delay between EKG R-spike and finger pulse) (3 new screens)

The basic software functions for Slow Cortical Potentials (SCP), Evoked and Event-Related Potentials (EP/ERP), Reaction Time Testing and Joint Time Frequency Analysis (JTFA) are also be available.

Some of over 100 new features:

• Quick Toggle for Feedback Conditions (up or down training)
• Enhanced DVD Feedback Settings
• Smoothing on Screen Instruments
• New Connection Instrument (for 3rd party games or network based multimedia applications)
• Improved Percentage Instrument (automatic threshold)
• True Dual Monitor Support (with control of client monitor from clinician’s monitor on-the-fly)
• Session Replay: replay at 2X, 4X or 8X speed or jump to specific time, activity or event marker.
• New Reporting Functions:
  Compatible with Robert Thatcher's NeuroGuide EEG software with easy export to NeuroGuide for EEG analysis
  Trend Graph instrument enhancements
  Printouts of impedance measures
  Pre-defined event marker labels can be printed
  A table of cut-off frequencies can be included in report
• New Algorithms:
  JTFA: Joint Time Frequency Analysis (Gabor and Adaptive Spectrograms)
  EEG Phase and Amplitude Asymmetry added to the connectivity measures (Coherence)
  HRV related calculations: NN50 & pNN50, etc.
  New epoch settings for computation of percentage of baseline or percentage of maximum voluntary contraction (MVC), etc.
  Area under the curve statistics
• New Audio Feedback Options:
  Binaural Beats
  Improved MIDI Tone Feedback Options
  Volume Level Feedback
  More Alarm Modes
• Expanded “Edit Virtual Channel” Options (useful for DVD and in-session trend)
• Copy and Paste of Screen Instruments
• A script can be linked to an Excel report file
• Hiding script screens from the screen list of Open Display session
• More Shortcut Keys

Thought Technology’s BioGraph Infiniti Multimedia Biofeedback and Data-acquisition Software offers endless configuration options and powerful Developer Tools to meet the needs of beginner, intermediate and advanced users.

Encoder Flexibility:
BioGraph Infiniti monitors up to 40 sensors simultaneously, using combinations of the 2 channel ProComp2, the 8 channel ProComp Infiniti, the 5 channel ProComp5 Infiniti, or the 10 channel FlexComp Infiniti. Many Suites have channel sets for multiple encoder types. Since the sensors are external, there is practically no hardware limit to the type of sensor configuration.

Sensor Flexibility:
The BioGraph Infiniti is a multi modality software system which allows you to mix and match physiological measures, like EEG and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to get the most comprehensive view on sympathetic and parasympathetic activity. Other sensor types include EMG, Skin Conductance, Temperature, Respiration, Blood Volume Pulse, EKG and more.

Suite Flexibility:
With a number of specialized application suites for EEG, Physiology, EMG and ergonomics, the Infiniti System provides you with out-of-the box clinical tools that easily allow you to assess, train and follow-up on client outcome.

Editor Flexibility:
The powerful Infiniti Developer Tools come free with the BioGraph Infiniti system. These tools offer a Channel Editor, with a library of over 50 computational algorithms and up-to 255 virtual channels, a Screen Editor, with 25 display instruments (with no limit to the amount of instruments you can place on a screen and the ability to design screens for multiple monitors) and a Script Editor, to help you easily standardize assessment and training protocols.

Dual screen:
• Child Bar Graph provides the clinician direct control over the client side instruments
• Change cutoff frequencies on the fly
• Integrated percentage of time above threshold calculation
• Immediate and discrete feedback on one screen
• Real time 3D and 2D FFT
• Counter Animation : ideal reward instrument

Key Features
The new BioGraph Infiniti software is packed with features designed to make your clinical work easier.

Switching between 5 feedback environments in a single session:
To make sessions more engaging and challenging the system allows you to load up-to 5 display screens for each session. To facilitate reviewing, the software automatically ‘time marks’ screen-switching events and places a marker on the review graphs.

Editing display screens on the fly:
While in recording or replaying mode, you can rapidly access either of the full or lite screen editors, by stopping the session, selecting a menu item, making your changes, closing the editor and restarting your session right away! The switch is virtually transparent.

Editing virtual channels settings on the fly:
To easily modify smoothing factors, filter cutoff frequencies, thresholds, counter targets, etc. simply pause the session, select a menu item, make the change and un-pause. It’s that simple!

Easy customizing of reports:
One-click selection of report options, including session graphs, table of statistics, table of event markers and session notes. Choose to fit the whole session on one graph or print multiple graphs. Easily add a clinic name and a treatment code to every session report.

Compatibility with a number of third-party products:
Ability to export sensor or statistical data to ASCII files. Ability to interface with systems like the Cognysis DVD and gaming devices, HEG, Peter Van Deusen’s TLC Assess program, Dr. Steve Padgitt’s and George Martin’s animation packages, and many others.

Superior Technology and expandability:
BioGraph Infiniti integrates the most recent DirectX graphics technology and supports the addition of customized CDs developed by expert clinicians and authorized biofeedback distributors. BioGraph Infiniti is available in various languages.

BioGraph Infiniti 6.0
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