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Why a class?
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Stop Bruxing Now and Forever
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8 week class
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Bruxing have a habit of clenching your teeth which over time causes and aggravates TMJ disorders (TemporoMandibular Joint), and headaches. If you do not stop bruxing, it can cause tooth damage, jaw joint damage and problematic changes in the muscles of the jaw, head and neck that can be painful and even debilitating. If you have a habit of bruxing, it is imperative to stop. Yet, as we know breaking a long standing habit is not easy.

If you have looked around for solutions, you have seen several devices that stop your teeth from touching at night but don't stop the underlying habit. We will show you how to stop the habit of bruxing so you can obtain relief now and into the future.

Unconscious behavior?
Your bruxing habit is often unconscious and occurs many times during the day and even at night. We often hear people say, 'I didn't realize I was bruxing so often'. And then when they become aware of their bruxing, the same people say 'I notice I am bruxing all the time but I don't know how to stop it'. While it might be upsetting to finally realize you are bruxing constantly, this is a positive stage. Becoming aware is the first step and provides the foundation for change.

This program starts with teaching you awareness skills to detect bruxing and guides you how to change your bruxing behavior. We provide anatomical education and support you in a step by step approach. Each week for 8 weeks you will receive a new lesson and be asked to practice preparing you for the next lesson. We include a discussion board facilitated by experts where you can ask questions and share your experiences with other class members. In as little as 30 minutes a day and for less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee, you can learn how to stop daytime bruxing. But what about at night?

You can purchase this class alone or with either of two powerful biofeedback instruments .
The Antense and Myotrac muscle tension monitors give feedback about how tense your jaw and face muscles are. It has been our experience that with chronic bruxing and clenching that the face muscles show evidence of chronic tension and to not easily or quickly relax. In fact, it can take several weeks to train the muscles how to relax down to normal. Our course is designed to teach you step by step methods to return your jaw muscle tension to normal thereby reducing pain and training yourself to stop bruxing. Review the chart below to help decide which muscle monitor is best for you.

How do you stop bruxing at night?
When you stop bruxing during the day, you are now have an excellent foundation for stopping night time bruxing. You are literally retraining the brain to fire different neurons and creating new habits. Once you have changed your daytime habit of bruxing you can learn to carry this over into the night time. While there are devices on the market designed to help you stop bruxing at night, each of these devices have problems. Either they wake you up and disturb your sleep or don't wake you up and don't train you or they are difficult to manage during the night. Our approach helps you naturally carry over your new habits into the night.

When you purchase the Stop Bruxing Now class with the MyoTrac Muscle Monitor, not only can you hear your muscles relax during your daily practice so you know you are making progress and training your muscles well, but the MyoTrac Muscle Monitor can also serve as a night time bruxing alarm. We have talked with many bruxers about the two other bruxing alarms on the market and we believe that the MyoTrac offers the most reliable feeback and is the best choice for a bruxing alarm.

Stop your bruxing now and forever!

If your bruxing doesn't improve by systematically learning and applying the principles of Stop Bruxing Now Program, just email us for a complete refund of the cost of the program!

No Risk, now is the time to act!

What you get!
Stop Bruxing Now Class
SBN Class with Antense
SBN Class with

Step by Step instructions and techniques for reducing your bruxing habit

8 online lessons teaching you how to incorporate the training into your life on a daily basis
24/7 personal coaching during the class via online Discussion Board
Obtain simultaneous feedback from all the muscles of head through a tone
Feedback threshold is adjustable within a preset sensitivity range.
Allows for precise measurement for any muscle of the head, neck and shoulders or any other muscle of the body through both a tone and light meter.
Feedback threshold adjustable through multiple sensitivity ranges
Greater flexibility of use on any muscle of the body
Night-Time Bruxing Alarm    
Real-time monitoring with meaningful feedback
Unlimited ongoing support and coaching after completing the class
No-risk, money back guaranteed on the program.
Program guarantee and 1 year manufacturer warranty on biofeedback equipment  
Choose the right online
class for you!

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Stop Bruxing
Now Class

8 lesson class

Stop Bruxing Now Class and Antense
Save $30
8 lesson class


Stop Bruxing Now
Class and MyoTrac
Save $50
8 lesson class



For $, The Stop Bruxing Now Class gives you everything to stop your bruxing and keep it under control!

FREE help from expert biofeedback therapists for as long as you need it to control your bruxing
Recieve the support of experts for as long as it takes to stop your bruxing

FREE training on the use of the biofeedback equipment
We will give you all the help you need to learn the right way to use the biofeedback devices.

FREE access to the class material for as long as you need it
There is no time limit on accessing material in the program. You have ongoing access to the material and support for as long as you need it.!


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