MyoTrac Portable Muscle Monitor
MyoTrac Portable Muscle Monitor
Train Your Body to Mind
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Because it is lightweight and small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, the MyoTrac™ allows total freedom of movement for ambulatory exercises and feedback during different activities. This unit is accurate and reliable. It easily fits in a pocket so it can be carried during exercise and at work to measure muscle activity in any location.

We have used similar portable EMG devices for many years and are very impressed with the features packed into this portable EMG unit. It is smaller than the portable EMG units available in the past and has superior feedback with its combination of an audible tone and light bar.

Uses for the MyoTrac™ Muscle Monitor
Nighttime bruxing monitor
Chronic Muscle Tension Headaches
• Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain
• Relieve Whiplash Pain
• Relieve Back Pain
• Muscle Re-education

• Sensitive MyoScan active sensor needs no skin preparation
• 2 modes of biofeedback, LED & 5 way tone • 5 way tone feedback includes proportional, above and below threshold
• 4-second delayed alarm
• 13-segment LED bar graph offers expanded range for precise visual feedback
• Wide and narrow bandpass filters give precise monitoring of normal and fatiguing muscles
• Filters eliminate heartbeat artifact
• Small and extremely portable
• Low current consumption means long battery life

• T4000 MytoTrac Electromyograph Hardware
• 1 Triode electrode head & cable
• 3 disposable triode electrode pads
• Earphones for private listening
Download the MyoTrac manual.
• Review our guide for electrode preparation.

EMG Triode Electrode Pads
Perfect for monitoring one muscle group on one side of the body.100 per package

Bag of 100 UniGel Electrodes
Perfect for monitoring one muscle group on one side of the body.100 per package

Extender Cable - 36" Protected pin snap style leads, 1 positive, 1 negative and 1 ground.

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