MyoTrac 3
MyoTrac 3 Portable Muscle Monitor
Train Your Body to Mind
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We have used similar portable EMG devices for many years and are very impressed with the features packed into this portable EMG unit. It is smaller than the portable EMG units available in the past and has superior feedback with its combination of audible tone and light bar.

MyoTrac 3
A dual channel sEMG unit capable of monitoring 2 muscle groups simultaneously. It comes with a computer interface and software with pre-designed protocols capable of working with any muscle group.

Clinicians now have maximum flexibility to define their own evaluation protocols including:
• preliminary and post baselines
• rapid contractions (or flicks)
• endurance contractions
• number and duration of each repetition
• work/rest exercises
• customized protocols can be saved for future use

For clinical purposes, MyoTrac 3™ and Continence Software provides extensive statistics to comprehensively evaluate muscle function including:
• peak, average, standard deviation & coefficient of variation
• average onset of peaks (muscle recruitment)
• average release (muscle recovery)
• work, amplitude decline (muscle fatigue)
• review our electrode preparation instructions

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A highly sensitive dual channel sEMG biofeedback device, the MyoTrac 3™ allows monitoring of two muscle sites simultaneously. The exclusive Continence Software can be used with any laptop computer and Windows® '95, '98, 2000 for easy, portable monitoring.