Biofeedback Systems for Professionals

We offer a wide range of biofeedback equipment for physicians, physical therapists, psychotherapists and biofeedback therapists. New technology has made this equipment more powerful, compact, user friendly and affordable than ever before. You can choose from biofeedback equipment that can be used in the office by the professional and at home by the client/patient.

Do you need multiple channels of physiological input?
Multimodality Encoders

These encoders:
Accept 2 to 10 channels of sensor input
Monitor, display, save data in real time
Playback multiple channels of data at real-time or twice real time speeds
Report and analyze the data post session.

All of these encoders are small, compact and interface with a PC running the Windows operating system and the powerful BioGraph Infiniti software through a fiber optic cable for total optical isolation of the signal. There is also a Tele-Infiniti wireless telemetric option for monitoring ambulatory activity up to 30' from the computer.

These systems are totally customizable. Just connect the specific sensors (e.g., EEG, EMG, Heart Rate, Skin Conductance, Respiration, Temperature, Blood Volume Pulse, EKG) to acquire the signals needed. The BioGraph Infiniti software ships with pre-configured channels and screens as well as Developer Tools that allow complete customization of the software for clinical or research applications

Do you need 1 to 2 channels of Surface ElectroMyography?
Muscle Monitors

The muscle monitors include:
Models that interface with the computer
Models for home use without a computer interface
Inexpensive models for patient purchase

Do you need equipment for incontinence training?
Biofeedback Devices for Incontinence

Interested in Heart Rate Variability, Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), generalized relaxation?
emWave Pro
Antense Anti-Tension Trainer
MyoTrac EMG Home Trainer

Giving patients the ability practice at home with powerful biofeedback equipment can greatly facilitate in-office therapy while empowering self-regulation skills.

With our over 30 years experience in the clinical use of biofeedback and extensive knowledge of the applications of biofeedback equipment, we can help you select just the right system for your professional needs.

Phone consultations are welcomed durnting the decision making process to ensure you get exactly what you need.